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Who is RepayCentsiblyâ„¢?



RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ is the student loan default prevention program developed by the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA). RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ is specifically designed to address student loan Cohort Default Rates (CDR), while educating and informing students about repayment options and financial literacy.


What does RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ do?


RepayCentsibly™’s research has shown that the majority of students who default do so because they lack fundamental information about their student loans, the repayment process, and financial literacy principles. RepayCentsibly™ has identified and implemented several default intervention and prevention strategies customized specifically for each institution’s unique student population. RepayCentsibly™ has been effective in educating students on how to successfully repay their loans while lowering client Cohort Default Rates.

RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ is an affordable, institution-friendly program that focuses on results while minimizing cost and school resources required for default prevention efforts. UHEAA has focused on student success for over 40 years and RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ is an extension of that mission. RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ utilizes institutional knowledge and industry expertise (student culture, demographics, borrowing trends, effective default prevention techniques, etc.) to customize and innovate borrower communication, avoid redundancies, and provide affordable pricing for clients.