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Default Prevention Services

The Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA) has over 40+ years of industry experience and created the RepayCentsibly™ brand as part of UHEAAs financial literacy based default prevention support. RepayCentsibly™ understand that higher education institutions need flexibility and innovation. RepayCentsibly™’s comprehensive solution allows for institutions to choose individual services that align with your institutions unique strategies.



Repayment Education

Educating students about repayment options is critical. RepayCentsibly™ strives to help students understand their student loans, be savvy about the repayment options available to them, and avoid default. RepayCentsibly™’s counselors are available to consult borrowers about their unique situations and warm transfer them directly to their loan servicer to resolve their account with confidence. Maintaining a good relationship with students is key to helping them understand their loans and successfully repay their student loans.


    Financial Literacy
  1. In-School Outreach
  2. At-Risk Analysis
  3. Demographic Analysis


Delinquency Resolution

Cutting edge analysis, passionate customer service, and innovative programming allow RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ to successfully assist student loan borrowers resolve their delinquency. The program is able to obtain data from numerous sources, monitor repayment, identify delinquent borrowers, and identify resolutions. RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ offers comprehensive, customized programs and solutions for schools of all sizes and types.


    Flexible Programs
  1. Accountability
  2. Results-driven Messaging
  3. Payment Monitoring
  4. Data Management


Gainful Employment

RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ tracks federal student loans and evaluates repayment rates for your institution. RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ recognizes that each institution is unique and will work collaboratively with you to create and deploy strategies to reach goals, maintain best practices, and improve compliance.


    Repayment Goals
  1. Predictive Modeling
  2. Alignment of GE and CDR Strategies
  3. Custom Reporting Metrics


Draft Rate “Scrub” and Challenge

RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ performs draft rate scrubs as part of the standard default prevention package. This scrub covers all of the eleven different types of challenges, informs schools if there are any discrepancies, and guides you through how to successfully perform a CDR challenge.


    Incorrect Data Challenge (IDC)
  1. Uncorrected Data Challenge (UDC)
  2. New Data Adjustment (NDA)
  3. Loan Servicing Appeal (LSA)
  4. eCDR Support