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Meet RepayCentsibly’s Executive Staff…

100+ Years Combined Industry Experience and Success



David Feitz, Executive Director of UHEAA

David Feitz is Executive Director of UHEAA. Prior to becoming Executive Director, Mr. Feitz served as Associate Executive Director for Policy and Development at UHEAA where he directed UHEAA’s financial aid, policy, school services, government relations, business and technology development, marketing, and outreach efforts. He has worked in higher education, financial aid, and education finance for over 30 years.







David Schwanke, Deputy Executive Director of UHEAA

David Schwanke serves as the Deputy Executive Director of the UHEAA and is responsible for the operational and financial oversite of UHEAA’s $5.8 billion portfolio of FFELP, Direct Loan portfolios, and RepayCentsibly™ which is UHEAA’s default prevention service. He has spent the last 22 years working for UHEAA, specializing in the financing and servicing of student loans.  Currently, Mr. Schwanke is responsible for the operational, financial and servicing aspects of UHEAA’s student loan portfolio and bonds.





Steve Rogers, Senior Director of RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ Division

Steve Rogers is the Senior Director of the RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ division. For 15 years, Steve has been helping assist students and families learn how to plan and pay for college. He is passionate about the educational venture and is committed to ensuring that students borrow wisely, while helping students understand the loan repayment options that are available to them. Steve oversees the RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ program, he uses his history and experiences to help guide to program with innovation and a student-centric focus.



Michelle Hansen, Senior Director of Claims, Ombudsman

Michelle Hansen is the Director of Claims and has over 29 years of experience in the student loan industry. This position is critical for the RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ division because she helps keep counselors up-to-date while helping students understand repayment options available to them. Additionally, Michelle has extensive knowledge about NSLDS files, CDR appeals, and Ombudsman experience.