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Meet RepayCentsibly’s Key Staff…

90+ Years Combined Default Prevention Experience and Success



Stephen Rogers, Program Manager

Steve Rogers has over 15 years of experience assisting students and families on how to plan and pay for college from both state-governing and institutional positions. Steve manages the RepayCentsibly™ program and has been heavily involved in the development of financial literacy resources and outreach efforts focused on helping students and their families successfully complete their education and limit school-related debt. He is passionate about the educational venture and is committed to ensuring students borrow wisely and make the most out of their educational investment.

Education: BA Classical Studies, MA Education, MA Arts, PhD in progress



Kevin Jorgensen, Manager of Default Services

Kevin Jorgensen joined UHEAA in 2004 and manages the Default Services team.  He oversees many of UHEAA’s responsibilities as a guarantor including the collection of defaulted student loans and assisting delinquent student loan borrowers to prevent default. Kevin has over 35 years of experience managing, training, coordinating staff in loan default prevention.






Rose Carlow, Default Prevention Call Center Supervisor

Rose began her career as a default prevention representative working directly with delinquent student loan borrowers. She has worked in both default prevention and default collections for 11 years. Rose understands how the consequences of default can negatively impact borrowers. Because of this, she understands the value and need for default prevention. Her duties include call monitoring for quality assurance and compliance, overseeing outgoing written communication to delinquent borrowers, and providing training to staff.





Preston Garbett, Program Specialist

Preston Garbett has been working for RepayCentsibly™ for the past year. He is proficient in data analytics, default prevention, and communications. Preston has a passion for helping students understand the difficult and confusing world of financial literacy. In addition to helping manage the day-to-day program, he is also an integral part in keeping the program innovative in practice.

Education: BA Political Science, MPA in progress





Bryan Lee, Marketing, Content, and Design Coordinator

Bryan Lee has worked for UHEAA in web design, graphic design, and content creation for 7 years and holds certifications in both Web Development and Digital Media Marketing from the University of Utah. He has been on the RepayCentsibly™ team since the program’s inception and  also has expertise in default prevention, student loan repayment, borrower psychology communication,  social and digital media, and user-experience design.

Education: AS Business, Web Design Tools Certification, Digital Media Marketing Certification (SEO, Search and Display Advertising, Email and Telecommunications Marketing, social media outreach and advertising, etc.). Bryan is expanding his education by attending a 6 month intensive web design bootcamp at the University of Utah starting July 2018. 



Zachary Creek, Web, Database, and Application Developer

Zachary Creek is the newest addition to the RepayCentsibly™ team working as a web developer for just over 4 months. Zach transitioned from a field in medical software to help support higher education. Zach has experience in application development, APIs and automation, handling and protecting sensitive information, and data migration. Zach’s duties include maintaining websites, developing applications for process automation, and improving the program’s backend efficiency and functionality.

Education and Technical Experience: Over 3 years experience in database creation, management, and migration, SQL scripting, PHP, web app development and design. Attending the University of Utah to complete degree in Computer Science in fall 2018.



Matthew Bryant, Default Prevention Call Center Team Lead

Matthew Bryant has worked as a Default Prevention representative for 11 years counseling student loan borrowers about repayment plans, deferments and forbearance options. Matthew is an expert in determining which option best meets each student loan borrower’s needs. In addition to counseling students by phone, Matt performs skip tracing activities such as internet searches and contacting references to obtain new contact information for the borrowers.





Amanda Cook, Default Prevention Representative

Amanda Cook has worked as a Default Prevention representative for nine years. She is well versed in all things related to repayment plans, deferment and forbearance. In addition to counseling delinquent student loan borrowers by phone, Amanda’s duties include corresponding with student borrowers via email and performing skip tracing activities such as contacting previous lenders, schools and references to obtain new contact information for the borrowers.