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RepayCentsibly™ is…

A turn-key default prevention, CDR management, and financial literacy service for higher education institutions of all sizes and types…

RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ utilizes personalized financial literacy-based messaging strategies and over 40 years experience in the student loan and default prevention industry to inform, assist, and educate your federal student loan borrowers. This individually customized and borrower-centric approach provides a helpful and educational environment where student borrowers can get informed about their financial situation, find advice and expert info about student loan repayment options, resolve delinquency, and avoid default.

RepayCentsiblyâ„¢ employs email, text message, a call center with live agents, and outbound phone calls to communicate with and assist your federal student loan borrowers. This approach uses modern communication strategies and technologies while leaving behind ineffective communication tactics like traditional mail.

This timely, tailored, and actionable approach to default prevention and financial literacy education is a proven success. RepayCentsibly™ has a track record of lowering clients’ Cohort Default Rates by 24% on average and can implement their service at your school in a matter of weeks.