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What is RepayCentsibly?

RepayCentsibly™ is an innovative approach to Student Loan Default Management and Prevention. Instead of reaching out to borrowers once they have already become delinquent, RepayCentsibly™ takes a more holistic approach by communicating with students throughout the entire borrowing process. 

How Does RepayCentsibly Work?

Successful student loan repayment begins with applying financial literacy principles early and often. RepayCentsibly™ provides students with timely, tailored, and actionable information that empowers them to limit debt and promotes successful student loan repayment. 

Is RepayCentsibly Effective?

RepayCentsibly™‘s financial literacy-based approach has effectively lowered all their clients’ cohort default rates by an average of two percentage points. RepayCentsibly™ can reduce your school’s CDR, educate your student body about responsible student loan repayment and personal finance, and prevent borrowers from entering delinquency or default.

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Using up-to-date research methods we learn about your school’s student loan borrowers to help craft messages that resonate with students.


Using modern communication techniques we contact students on the devices they use most often to ensure our messages our delivered.


Using our knowledge of student loans we offer students information they can use to connect with their loan servicer to resolve delinquency before they default.

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Financial Literacy

Many students are unaware of what their monthly loan payment will be when they graduate. Some students even avoid repayment altogether because it is intimidating.

We educate students throughout their enrollment with informative messaging that prepares them for repayment and helps them understand the long-term cost of their student loans.

Borrower Mindset

The lack of accurate and up-to-date contact information is a major precursor to student loan delinquency. Consequently, many students do not receive the information needed to be successful in repaying their student loans. The RepayCentsibly Program mitigates this issue through communicating with students early and often in the borrowing process.


From our research we have found that financial literacy education and notifications fosters student retention.

Timely and tailored messaging helps students avoid falling into delinquency or default, dropping below half-time, or withdrawing from classes – all of which have a significant impact on your school’s Cohort Default Rate.

Our Philosophy


Our mission is to educate students through timely and tailored financial literacy messaging which creates a foundation for students to successfully repay their student loans.


All decisions, communications, and resources are designed with the student in mind.


We research effective messaging trends and timelines to reach students and help them understand their student loan options.


We create personalized information for student loan borrowers and reporting for our school partners.

What Our Clients Say

"RepayCentsibly™ understood the negative impact our increasing cohort default rate had on students and our university. Their genuine desire to help students avoid the adverse effects of defaulting and their proactive approach to reach out to these students has greatly benefited UVU."
Trish Howard
Former Director of Financial Aid / Utah Valley University
"I just wanted to let you know that our Cohort Default Rate for FY2011 is 5.7%, as predicted. Yeah, a decrease from 6.9%! The RepayCentsibly™ program is working—I really am pleased with the result, and am happy to report to my bosses about the decrease. Thanks for the work you guys are doing with the default prevention, it’s working."
Patti Kohler
Former Director of Financial Aid / Utah State University


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